“In those times when I have faced life decisions and felt mired down, Dennis has asked just the right questions, freeing me to focus myself and to move in positive directions. His gifts of compassion and humor and caring enrich our conversations and my life’s journey. Dennis Coyne is a dedicated coach who brings it: challenge and support. All with sincerity, deep commitment, and caring from the depths of his wide experience and extraordinary training.” ~Joan H. Lucas, Lucas Family Law LLC

“Dennis Coyne has been invaluable to me as I’ve grown and developed as an attorney. His depth of experiences, good sense of humor, thoughtfulness, and ability to ask the tough questions has made working with him a true delight. He is an asset to anyone seeking to create an authentic experience and prosper in their lives, both professionally and personally.” ~Colette Vogele, Corporate Attorney

“Dennis’ deeply resounding questions and reflections offered new ways for me to access my answers. I consider him to be one of my trusted advisors to turn to as I move effectively in my business and personal adventures. He’s a gem.” ~Daisy MacInnis, Hudson Institute Coach and Consultant

“I think of Dennis as my ‘deep swim’ friend and colleague. The proverb, ‘Still waters run deep’ applies here. Dennis listens with deep intent and asks original and penetrating questions. I think of him as seeking the deeper currents, where one can find calm, stable currents unlike the seemingly random turbulence of surface waters. ~Milton Toso, Psychologist

“Working with Dennis has been an eye-opening experience for me. He has been a huge support to my work, and I am truly grateful to have someone like him on my team.” ~Tim Tolliver, Hudson Institute Coach and Personal Trainer

“Thank you again for your time, insight and encouragement. As I mentioned today, you truly are an incredible listener and I have thoroughly appreciated our time working together this year. You have definitely helped me with positive self-awareness and challenged me as we discussed leadership, relationships and life. Thank you ‘Discernment Coach.’” ~Lee Holmes, Corporate Attorney 

“Dennis Coyne’s coaching has been invaluable to me. Compassionate and insightful, Dennis brings a wide range of experience to his personal coaching. Dennis practiced for many years as a shareholder of a large law firm and he knows first-hand the professional and personal challenges that working lawyers face.” ~Barry Fernald, Attorney in large Minneapolis law firm

“Dennis Coyne is a masterful coach with an extraordinary talent for helping to move his clients forward. He is a gifted listener who possesses a phenomenal ability to ask the perfect insight-seeking question at the most ideal moment and in a way that facilitates new levels of awareness for his clients. Dennis integrates his solid knowledge of somatics into the coaching relationship in a variety of ways, which in turn provides his clients with the opportunity to deepen their mind-body connection. And, he beautifully weaves his passion for poetry into the coaching experience by introducing just the right poem or quote so as to spark a new learning or a deeper level of understanding. I am incredibly grateful to Dennis for the times we have worked together. His exceptional coaching has fostered my own resiliency and helped me to more effectively and consciously navigate major life and career transitions. I highly recommend Dennis Coyne!” ~Susan M., Attorney

“Dennis, I appreciate you very much. But for you, I would not be on this wonderful path.” ~Attorney

“Thank you again for your presence, your insights, and your guidance—learning with you and from you is so helpful.” ~Attorney

“I am happy to support your work for two reasons—one, because I have so much respect for you and wish you absolutely every success as you continue with your ever expanding coaching practice and, two, because you bring so much value to the lives of those you touch and that impact both individually and in the aggregate is tremendous.” ~Attorney